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Why We Different

5E ͻѪҡ¹͹ͧ Enconcept ¹ѧҧջԷҾ٧ش
5E Сͺ 5 ǹӤѭ 觨觡ѹСѹ English, Electronics, Edutainment, Endearment E-Live


ҤʶҺѹ֡͡ѹѺ˹觢ͧȷúǧ ͵ͺʹͧͧâͧ¹ҧúǹ Ѳѡٵ ¹ ͹ ͡͹ м͹ ҧͧ ѡٵ

Effective Integrated Courses ѺԵ㹡¹͹ѧɷ ҹǪҭ੾дҹҧ繺óҡ 駷 Edutainer Ԫҡ ͡Ẻ-ҧä ѡŧ ෤нʵ֡ äҧʷջԷҾ㹡¹٧شѡ¹

Books ҡ 200 ͧ¹سҾҨѴӢ͵ͺʹͧҧҡ ͡ǴдѺ鹰ҹ仨֧дѺѺ͹ (ҡͺѴдѺ–ͺ TOEFL)

MagiCore ෤Ԥɷͺͧ ö¹ͧ¹н֡µͧԧҹԧ ֧繡¹ͺҹ 繡¹¹ öѧɵԴªԧ MagiCore Сͺ
1. SS: Strategic Structure çҧԧط ǹСͺҧͧ¤ ҹѺ㨤ǴЪ¹¤١ͧѡҡó
2. TT: Tree Tactics طԸաþԪԵͺ  Enconcept  Դ鹢ʶҺѹá Դ§Ǣ Grammar ҧк
3. MM: Memolody ŧ͡¹Ѿҡóѧ
4. S.E.L.F.( Student Extensive Learning Fitness ) Fitness 觡¹н֡ѡѧɷءҹ ҺèѹҧŧǢͧ Learning Methodology, Learning Technology Learning Philosophy

English Excellence

Enconcept E-Academy is the most popular and expanding English language tutorial school. In response to the learners’ need, we have developed our courses, teaching methods, the instructional media and materials and edutainers continuously.

Effective Integrated Courses Our staff teams consisting of edutainers, Academic, creative and communication & activities, audio-visual, information technology and composer teams have fully cooperated to produce the effective integrated courses by sharing their specialized knowledge in each area.

Books Over 200 textbooks have been published to cover all steps of studying English from beginner to advanced level.

MagiCore The unique English studying strategy called MagiCore was created to help students deal with the English exam effectively, as well as use English comprehensively. The components of MagiCore are as follows.

1. SS: Strategic Structure - The learning methodology for analyzing English Structure which would help students understand the context more rapidly and organize the sentences accurately.
2. TT: Tree Tactics – The strategy invented by our school to categorize English grammar systematically.
3. Memolody – The strategy of vocabulary, grammatical and conversational teaching through various newly-composed songs.
4. S.E.L.F. (Student Extensive Learning Fitness) – The combination of Learning Methodology, Learning Technology and Learning Philosophy which contribute to practicing English from everywhere.

 ҾѲФѴ෤ҧͧԴԷҾ㹡 ¹٧شͧѡ¹

Enconcept E-Studio ҾѲкͧ¹͵ͺʹͧǤԴ Edutainment Сͺ ͧسҾ٧öѺءҡȡ¹ к§ кҾѴਹ ԧ ҡǷͧ¹ҧ蹵 ͵ͺʹͧ¹Ẻ͹ʴСúѹ֡ŧ DVD ҧó

Alive On Demand ෤աèѴá¹ѧٻẺ ¼¹ö˹ ͡ ¹ǹͧ ҧӡѴҹк͢¤ԴʶҺѹԡ㹤 TOEFL

Smart Board дҹѨ ෤ա¹͹ٻẺ öʹ͡͹ٻẺͧ Enconcept ҹŵʹԨԵҡ ҡȡ¹ͧ¹ջԷҾ٧ش ͧ͹ʴ ͧ DVD ա 22 ҢҼҹк E-Live (Satellite)


We have continually developed the technology for the substantial benefits of students’ learning.

“Enconcept E-Studio” is the new kind of classroom, positively responding to our Edutainment concept. With the high quality digital VDO camera, it can be assured that every important moment in the classroom is perfectly captured. Also, the effective sound and picture system, the atmosphere on stage and the classroom’s decoration are all perfectly set up in accordance with the teaching in Live and DVD class.

“Alive on Demand” is an English learning management technology which the students can independently manage their study time, select and review the lessons as many as they want according to their convenient time through our computer system, starting from TOEFL iBT course.

“Smart Board” or Genius Board is an innovation in English tutorial school. Our lessons are properly prepared through various multimedia in order to lighten the lively learning atmosphere to our students in Live, DVD and E-Live class.


Դҡѹͧ 2 Education Entertainment ҧ Edutainer Memolody ͵ͺʹͧѪзɮշ ¹ҧդآ繨ش鹢ͧ¹ҧջԷҾ ҧҹ 鹤֡Ըա¹͹ Ѳ͡¹֧Ǥټ͹ (Edutainer) ѺäѴ ֡ ջʺóҧ ҧкѹԧ¹ҧջԷҾ

Efficient Edutainers ӷ͹ پṹ һԨ ʹ෹ѧɷջʺó͹ ǹҹ ռŧҹժ§дѺ ѧѺʹ㨨ҡ Ūᢹҧ ·͹سҾдѺ˹ ա·ҹ

Memolody Դҡѹͧ Memory Melody ŧ͡ ¹Ѿҡó ҡѾ ʹѧ


This new word is originally derived from the combination of 2 words “education” and “entertainment”. Here, we have developed our edutainers and Memolody in compliance with the philosophy and the theory that happy learning is the beginning of effective and lifetime learning.

At Enconcept, our staffs have profoundly researched and continuously developed the teaching methods whereas our edutainers are well selected and trained hard for the ultimate learning of the students. 

Efficient Edutainers are led by Kru Nan, Arisara Tanapakit along with other distinctive tutors. All of them have many years of relevant and professional experiences with the national reputation and they are also gained media attention.

Memolody ,orginated from the blending of 2 words “ Memolody” and “Melody” , are  newly-created songs for grammatical, word roots and conversation learning.


͡˹ͨҡ鹷ҧԪҡФʹءʹҹŧ ԵҾê觻ѹͻԸҹͧʶҺѹ ѧѡ¹Ԩҧ  ;ѲҪԵҧ ԵҾԴҧټ͹ ҹ еǹѡ¹ͧ աԨɵҧ ҡ Ԩ Ԩ͡ ԨԴ лԴ çѧҧ 觢ѹöҧѧ Memolody E-Mania Contest 仴Фʹءʹҹ

Enconcept Jump Card Դеš ʹءʹҹ ԵҾ ѹͺ蹴 Enconcept Jump Card ҹҧԨѹҡԷԻªҡ Meeting Party Ѻзҹ ǹŴѤä ǹŴë˹ѧЫմ ͧҤس


Apart from the academic knowledge and the entertainment, friendship, sharing and smiling are in our school’s philosophy as well.  We particularly aim for our students to participate in various activities in order to balance their life and establish the intimate relationship among themselves, tutors and our staffs.

We offer a variety of academic-related activities such as education counseling, course opening and closing activities, “E-Mania” National English competition  etc. 

Enconcept Jump Card Enconcept Jump Card offers considerable advantages for the members such as Meeting Party with tutors, a discount on course application, a discount on textbooks and CD purchase, premium gifts etc. 


к·ʹʴҹ E-Live üҹ෤¹ٻẺ¹͹ͧ¹ Enconcept ҡö·ʹʴҹáͧѡ¹ Enconcept ¹ѹʴ ءҢҷǻ д¡üҹѺ E- Studio зѡ¹ǻ͹¹ԧͧ͹ʴͧ 觤ټ͹öͺѭѡ¹ʧѹռҹк SMS  ͡ҡѧ֧Ԩҧ ͧ Enconcept ѡ¹Ѻҡʴ ҹѹǻ ԨѺ Edutainer Ԩ ԨԴ Jump Card Activities

 “E-Live” is the satellite broadcasting system .It’s the integration of advanced technology in order to improve the teaching quality. We are the first among other tutorial schools who brought the satellite broadcasting to class.

With E-Live, students from every branch can learn and enjoy the class at the same time as the Live class, creating the real-time atmosphere for all students. In addition, all questions from the students in normal branches will be interactively replied through SMS system.

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