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ç¹͹ѧ繤͹绷 - Enconcept History
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Enconcept History

          㹻 .. 2538 ç¹ǴԪѧ "Enconcept E-Academy" á͵駢 1575/43-44 Ѵѹ ǧʹ ࢵ ا෾ ¤س Ը Фپṹ һԨդ蹷ҧä¹ٻẺ ԴǤԴФ㨵觷¹ҡ§÷ͧ ѧ پṹзԪҡâͧ Enconcept ֧鹤Դҧäѡٵç¹觹繪觡¹ 觹ѡ¹ö¹ªҡԧ 㹢ǡѹ ͺͧ Դ෤Ԥ੾Тͧ Enconcept MagiCore ѹСͺ
               1. SS: Strategic Structure çҧԧط ǹСͺҧͧ¤ ҹѺ㨤ǴЪ¹¤١ͧѡҡó
               2. TT: Tree Tactics طԸաþԪԵͺ  Enconcept  Դ鹢ʶҺѹá Դ§Ǣ Grammar ҧк
               3. MM: Memolody ŧ͡¹Ѿҡóѧ 
               4. S.E.L.F.( Student Extensive Learning Fitness ) Fitness 觡¹н֡ѡѧɷءҹ 

          ͡ҡҹԪҡ ¤˹ѡҤ稢ͧԵѡ¹騺§ͺԷ´ѧ ҹ ѧ֧¹ҢԪҷѡ¹ѡդѴ ֧ջʺóšͤҵǵͧѡ¹ͧ ѧ ͡˹ͨҡ͹ ç¹ѧաʹáس㹡͹ ШѴԨҧ èѴǡ֡ Ԩѧҧ ҧçѹ㹡áԹ仺鹷ҧ֡ Ẻҧ㹡÷ӧҹѡ¹ء

          ¤稢ͧѡٵ÷١ѧѡ¹ǤԴ㹡¹ѧ;Ѳҵͧѧҧҧä մӡѴ СͺѺټ͹͹¤ѡ ǧ繡ѹͧѺ١觼ͧ¹ͧѡ¹ҧҡ Enconcept E-Academy ֧ç¹ҧͧ Ǻ֧Ѩغѹշ 30 ç¹Шǻ شøҹ, ͧ, ظ, 2, û, ɯҹ, ź, Ҫ, Ҫ, ոҪ, Ҵ˭, , غҪҹ, ä, Թ, ͹, , § , ѧ, ɳš, §, ѧԵ, طѵ, ǧҹ, , ǧ¹˭, ҧл, ͹, ʤͿ 

          駹 Enconcept E-Academy ç¹繨ӹǹҡ 㹴ҹ㨹ѡ¹СäǺسҾ֡ҹ Enconcept ѧִҵðҹǡѹ ¨Ѵաö·ʹʴ͹СԨͧç¹ҹ 觹Ѻç¹ǴԪáͧ ͵ҧ ѡ¹㹷ءǹж-ͺẺ Interactive 㹢͹ʴдԹԨѹǻ

 ҡʹյ֧Ѩغѹ Enconcept E-AcaDemy Ѻç¹ǴԪáöǡⴴԧسҾ͹ ѡٵ͡͹ зö˹ҵðҹͧç¹ǴԪ ѧѡҤ֧Ѳҵҧش

          In the mid 1990s, “Enconcept” English language tutorial school was officially founded by Mr. Tanate Uaapithorn, the school executive director, along with Miss Arisara Tanapakit or “Kru P’Nan”. At Enconcept, we are determined to develop the distinct effective English courses so that the students would deeply and fully comprehend what they have learnt, and then utilize it to get through the exams and their everyday usage, rather than keep chanting interminably. For this reason, we have initiated new English studying strategies called “Magicore”, comprising Strategic Structure, Tree Tactics, Memolody and S.E.L.F.

1. SS: Strategic Structure - The learning methodology for analyzing English Structure, helping students understand the context more rapidly, as well as organize the sentences accurately.

2. TT: Tree Tactics - The alternative way of teaching English Grammar with a tree that depicts grammar as varied parts of tree so that the students can easily understand English grammar’s rules.

3. MM: Memolody - The unique strategy of vocabulary teaching through songs that enable students to remember, rather than chanting.

4. S.E.L.F. (Student Extensive Learning Fitness) – The learning fitness in which the students can practice English skills from everywhere at any time.

          In addition to focusing on the academic value, we have also concerned about the students’ virtue and happiness in their career path. Therefore, we have taught English on a moral basis and set up extra activities to ensure that the students would satisfy with their chosen path at most such as providing academic guidance from the successful school alumni in every semester and varied activities aiming at setting up social value.

          With the successfully developed courses, together with our competent edutainers (education + entertainer), nowadays, we have 30 branches all over the country with 9 branches in Bangkok. Enconcept’s branches are as follows: Udontani, Rayong, Ayuddhaya, Praram 2, Nakornpathom, Suratthani, Chonburi, Roi Et Nakornrachasrima, Phitsanulok, Ratchburi, Nakornsrithammarat, Phuket, Hat Yai, Chiang Rai,  Ubonratchthani, Nakhon Sawan, Surin, Khon Kaen, Trang, Chiang Mai, Future Park Rangsit, Visuthikasat, Ngam Wong Wan, Pinklao, Wong Wien Yai, Bangkapi, Victory Monument, Phayathai and Siam Discovery

          Despite a large number of our students, each of them is educated on the same standard through fiber optics system called     E-Live, which has never been conducted in any tutorial schools. Thus, there would be participation and interaction among teachers and students throughout the country through this innovation.

          Up until now, Enconcept E-Academy is the first tutorial school in Thailand that could effectively enhance the quality of tutoring through well-developed courses and high technology of teaching materials. To follow our resolution, we will maintain our high standard and keep developing endlessly.



㨤Ӥѭͺ 12 ͧá͵ʶҺѹ ¹ʹͼŨҡԨоѲѡٵâͧҹ Enconcept S.E.L.F (Student Extensive Learning Fitness) Fitness ͡¹ѧɷءҹ 觨оԡлѵԡ¹ѧɹͧ͡¹ͧѡ¹·ǻ 繡ҺèѹҧŧǢͧ Learning Methodology, Learning Technology Learning Philosophy


The cutting-edge technology, S.E.L.F. (Student Extensive Learning Fitness), was launched to help students practice themselves in multi-faceted English skills; Grammar & Structure, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Writing and Listening & Speaking skills. 

к E-Live 㹡¹͹ 繡üҹ෤¹ٻẺ ¹͹ ¶·ʹʴҹѧءҢҷǻ оѲкõͺӶҹ SMS, Call Center, Web site E-mail ͡ҡ Enconcept Boost Back-up Ѻ֡ѧԧͿѧ͡§͹ҢͧҧѴҹʹٻẺ CD Multimedia


The E-Live System was introduced to our school to broadcast our teaching and academic events to all branches over the country through fiber optics system. By this way, the students would have a chance to interact with edutainers and other students in different branches such as asking questions via SMS at the real-time as the broadcasting branch. Besides, we started using “Boost Back-up” which is a CD-Rom given to students for self-study at home. With this CD-Rom, the students are able to practice their listening and pronunciation skills out of the classroom.

ENCONCEPT E-ACADEMY ԡٻẺ¹͹͵ͺʹͧͻԷҾ¹ ѧҧ٧شк Learning On Demand 㹡¹͹ͧ Enconcept ҡ TOEFL


To facilitate our students missing the classes, “Video on demand” has been provided in this year, starting with the TOEFL course. This approach enables the students to watch teaching video classes they have missed. 

ǤԴзԴкѹԧѹҧ׹ ֧Դ Enconcept Studio ¨Ѵ ҡͧ¹ʹͧѺǤԴ Edutainment ѧդóҾ§ ֧кúѹ֡ ¹͹ DVD¹ҹմ͹¹㹺ҡȢͧ͹ʴ


The Enconcept Studio has been generated to follow our concept of Edutainment (Education + Entertainment), providing education along with entertainment cohesively. By this step, our school is fully equipped with the efficient audio-visual system which completely contributes to the effectual broadcasting all over country.



The Enconcept E-Academy was the first who brought up MPEG2 (Super VCD) recording system, which is better than the prior VHS, to the tutorial business.  

áͧáԴŧѾѧ Memolody ֧ѨغѹռŧҹŧѾѹ֡§ 10 ź͡ 260 ŧ ͺŧ͹ѾдѺҧ֧٧ ҡ 3,000 Ѿ ͡ҡѧպŧ͹ Grammar Structure,ŧ͹ Idiom, 2-word Verbs Conversations


The English vocabulary songs called Memolody were first introduced to boost the techniques of learning English. Nowadays, there are more than 260 songs, covering over 3,000 words.

ENCONCEPT E-ACADEMY кͧ 360 ͧ Ѻ÷ӧҹͧ˹ҷǺ ͡õѴ ѺͧѨغѹ Enconcept Studio ͧ͹ʴ Hi-Tech ͧسҾ٧֧ 5 ·ҹӹǹҡ㹡ö,Ѵкѹ֡Ҿ͹ ͡¹ͧͧǧûԴФʴմշ óẺҡشҧҡ͹

繤áͧ ENCONCEPT E-ACADEMY magic filter 㹡÷ǹ㹡 ͧѾҡ˹ѧͧ Դ֡ʹءѺ÷ͧѾ


We have started using the cameras of 360 ৹c endless rotation range working with our qualified audio-visual staff team to perform the function of perfect broadcasting that have never been seen in any tutorial schools before.

We are the first in Thailand who make up “Magic Filter” along with our textbooks to help the learners enjoyably memorize vocabulary.

ѨغѹԪҡâͧ ENCONCEPT E-ACADEMY Ե˹ѧͻСͺ¹سҾ ͡¡ 40 20 ˹ѧͷ㹡þ 2 Ѻ magic filter
At present, The Enconcept E-Academy’s academic staff team has continuously launched a big volume of textbooks with more than 40 various covers, as well as two-coloured printed ones for being applied to “Magic Filter”.
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