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ç¹͹ѧ繤͹绷 - Philosophy
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English is alive “ժԵ ѧɾ鹡ͺ”

Ѫҷ Enconcept 蹻١ѧ¹ǤԴ 㹡ѧҧҧäմӡѴ ¹ѧ;Ѳҵͧѧ仵ʹԵ ҵ˹ѡһªӤѭͧѧԴҡȷҧѧ§Ӿѧ ԴҡùӤѧ Ѻѧ ҹ ѺǵդѡԻѭҢԪС¹ҢԪ բմӡѴ㹡þѲС¹ҡҹŷ蹵դ ͧշ駡٭¨ҡ (Lost in Translation) Ф·Ҵ͹ѹԴҡõդػͧ (Perception) ͧ

“ENGLISH IS ALIVE” is the philosophy we aim to implant in our students. We strongly advocate the idea of using English creatively     as well as lifetime learning for self-improvement and social development.

We are aware that the greatness of English derives not only from the  English competency, but also from the application of theoretical knowledge into practical one, as well as the exploitation of knowledge in other fields of subjects. According to the limitation of Thai, the learning from translated version have many disadvantages leading to the lost in translation and the meaning error caused by the interpreter’s misperception.


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